Hemp insulation BIO Flex

is ecological natural insulation from technical hemp, which has excellent thermal insulation properties.

ETA certification: ETA 16-0947

The hemp insulation is suitable for

  • headliner
  • ceiling panel
  • Floor and wall cladding

Made of hemp fiber insulation mats with the addition of binder fiber and soda solution as protection against fire and mold. The hemp insulation can also be glued with corn starch, which is why it can be 100% organic. Thanks to the energetically undemanding production, hemp insulation is as environmentally friendly as possible.

The overall production of CO2 in the production of one m3 of hemp insulation is lower than the amount of CO2 that hemp degrades as it grows, which is why hemp insulation has a uniquely positive CO2 footprint among building materials.

BIO_flex.pdf (421kb)

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